Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Charms

Here's my first collection of book charms, made of velvet ribbon, so nice too mark ur pages....throw away ur old bookmarks...grab the Book Charms now....fits your novels and ur books nicely.
Velvet collection
VC004, VC001 (6") RM10
VC002 RM12 (11") All sold out

VC001 RM10 (6") ( SOLD)

VC002 RM12 (11") (SOLD)

VC003 RM10 (6")

VC010 RM12 (11")
VC011 RM12 (11")

VC012 RM12 (11") ( SOLD)

VC013 RM12 (11")

Another type of bookmark...3.5" steel bookmark.

Squiggel Collections

SC001 RM5/pc

SC002 RM8/pc (SOLD OUT)

The Garden Collection
SC003 RM8/pc (2 pcs SOLD)

SC004 RM5/pc (1 pc SOLD)

How to use....VC007, VC002, VC001, VC004 (6") RM10
VintageVC008 (11") RM12 (1 pc Sold)
VC009 (11") RM12

SC005 RM5 (2 pcs Sold)

SC006 RM8/pc (1 pc SOLD)

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