Monday, February 15, 2010

Custom Made

Customized birthday gift set for Aliah (order by K. Cma)will be on their way to Kelantan next week with nice packaging & greetings card, InsyaAllah....will update the photos once completed.

Customized bag charms for Eika

Customized handphone charms for Anor

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gift Set

This set for only RM40/set (Not available)

Multipurpose Keyring Charms

All item is limited edition, comes with a box, hurry grab them for just RM15/pc. No Remake.

The Garden Collection
TGC001 RM5/pc

P/s: All items under famous brand names are imitation only, modified here and there by urbookcharms.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ur perfect gift...

Ur perfect gift ideas for:

Teachers' Day...
Door gifts...

Just add variety to your ideal gifts for all sorts of occasion, instead of flowers, chocolate, etc., the old stuff..why not try these wont regret it....and your loved ones definitely will be pleased...

Handbag/Bag Charms

Here's my first collection of Handbag/bag Charms, really...really nice i tell u...won't regret buying it.

Shimmering glam collection

SG001 RM25( SOLD)

SG002 RM25 (Limited edition 1 pc only) - one of my favourite....(Not available)

SG003 RM25( SOLD)

SG004 RM25( SOLD)

Hook it to ur handbag/bag, it will do the 'talking'....

Delightfully yours
DY001 RM15 (SOLD)

DY002 RM15/pc( SOLD)

Some of it are limited edition, no remake...hurry, while stocks lasts....

Honey dew drops

HD001 RM12( SOLD)

Book Charms

Here's my first collection of book charms, made of velvet ribbon, so nice too mark ur pages....throw away ur old bookmarks...grab the Book Charms now....fits your novels and ur books nicely.
Velvet collection
VC004, VC001 (6") RM10
VC002 RM12 (11") All sold out

VC001 RM10 (6") ( SOLD)

VC002 RM12 (11") (SOLD)

VC003 RM10 (6")

VC010 RM12 (11")
VC011 RM12 (11")

VC012 RM12 (11") ( SOLD)

VC013 RM12 (11")

Another type of bookmark...3.5" steel bookmark.

Squiggel Collections

SC001 RM5/pc

SC002 RM8/pc (SOLD OUT)

The Garden Collection
SC003 RM8/pc (2 pcs SOLD)

SC004 RM5/pc (1 pc SOLD)

How to use....VC007, VC002, VC001, VC004 (6") RM10
VintageVC008 (11") RM12 (1 pc Sold)
VC009 (11") RM12

SC005 RM5 (2 pcs Sold)

SC006 RM8/pc (1 pc SOLD)

Mobile Phone Charms

Here's my first collection of handphone charms..let them hanging to ur mobile phone and add more trendy looks to it....

Morning dew drops

MD001 RM5/pc (Not available at this moment)

MD002 RM5/pc (1 pc SOLD)

MD003 RM5

Vintage serenade
VS001 RM5 (1 pc SOLD)

MC001, MC002 & MC003
RM2 only each